The Lighter Side: How Much Does 'This Is Us' Cast Make?

September 26, 2018

How much does the cast of This Is Us make per episode? Plus, where is Bill Cosby doing his time? And cheers for pumpkin spice beer at IHOP! More in today's Lighter Side! 

IHOP just created pumpkin spice beer... and they use the batter from their pancakes as part of the recipe. BTW, today is National Pancake Day. 

Where is Bill Cosby going to serve his time? It's a max security prison in Pennsylvania. They have a gym, barber shop, and attend chapel services. 

This Is Us came back last night! And now, everyone is making the same amount of money! Milo Ventimigilia was making the most out of everyone at $115,000 while Chrissy Metz was making $40,000. Now, they're all getting $250,000 per episode. 

Rapper Lil Xan says he somehow overdosed on... Flaming Hot Cheetos? He ate so many, he ended up in the hospital. 

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