The Lighter Side: Couple's Dogs Join Wedding Party

August 22, 2018

Photo via Dreamstime

Dogs join a couple's wedding ceremony! Plus, a woman got busted for speeding HOW FAST!? And guess what favorite food promo is back! More in today's Lighter Side! 

A couple had their dogs in their wedding party. They dressed them up, used them as ring bearers, and when the groom whistled, they came right up the aisle. Aww! So cute! 

Meanwhile two people and their dog crashed into a marina in Long Beach, California over the weekend. They were trying next to park next to water. It's so dangerous and people think they can do it, but they just get sucked in. They accelerated through the guardrail. They were rescued by good Samaritans.

A brothel in Nevada called Sheri's Ranch figures that Tiger Woods never played golf better than when he was screwing around on his wife... and they can help get his game back up to speed. They're offering him a $75 discount off their services.

A woman was pulled over in Iowa for going 137 mph in her Ferrari! And the reason she told cops she was speeding? She said she thought she was only doing 100! LOL! Her fine was $335.

Guess what's back -- Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Pass! And they're not just offering the 8 weeks unlimited for $100... they're adding an option for a year of unlimited pasta for $300! 


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