The Lighter Side: Money Does Lead To A Better Life

August 27, 2018

Photo via Dreamstime

A publicity stunt backfires on a Florida town, another crazy support animal story, and shocker -- money does lead to a better life! More in today's Lighter Side!

Mayo, Florida is changing its name to Miracle Whip, Florida as a publicity stunt. Buuuut they broke a Florida law denying access to government meetings... and it had something to do with a marketing stunt for Kraft/Heinz and now they're gonna be fined somewhere between $15-25k! 

An emotional support animal on United recently had its own emotional support animal... LOL! This is so meta. The dog was the support animal for the passenger, but a monkey was the support animal for the dog. 

Shocking news! Money really does lead to a better life! A new study looked at lottery winners and found they are more satisfied with their lives than the rest of us. 

The dumbest things people put on their resumes? Every sentence in a different font, someone claimed they had 40 jobs in a single year, and a 22-year-old claimed they already had three different college degrees. 

BTW, all alcohol is terrible for you! Another new study said there is no good amount of alcohol, not even a little bit -- not even one glass of red wine! Buuut scientists in England had the antithesis to this so you can keep drinking. They said booze is the key to survival to the human race. If we weren't drunk, we wouldn't be procreating and we wouldn't be continuing the carry on the human race.

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