The Lighter Side: New Girl Scout Cookie Flavor

August 15, 2018

Photo via Dreamstime

A new Girl Scout Cookie flavor coming! Plus, what is Paris doing to curb rogue urinators? And some stats about us wacky radio people. More in today's Lighter Side! 

There's a new flavor of Girl Scout Cookies coming out - caramel chocolate chip! It's a chewy caramel chocolate chip cookie mixed with a hint of sea salt... and they're gluten free! It'll be out next year.

A new study found that emotionally unstable women are better in bed. And also women are more likley to be satisfied with their sex lives if the guy they're with is thorough and dutiful.

The City of Paris has installed a bunch of sidewalk urinals to keep guys from relieving themselves in the streets. BTW, 46% of Americans like the idea so maybe we'll eventually see them here.

And 28% of radio hosts say they have a "face for radio," 39% have dated a listener, and 7% married a listener. 

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