The Lighter Side: Christine Lee's Pug, Tank, Has His Own Insta!

September 24, 2018
Tank the Pug

Christine Lee

Follow Christine Lee's pug on Instagram! Plus, a woman returned an appliance... but forgot she left something important in it! And a romantic mariachi serenade turns ugly! More in today's Lighter Side! 

You've probably heard us mention Christine Lee's new pug, Tank! Well, Tank is the official mascot of Craig and Company... and he now has his own Instagram account! Follow him at @ItsTankThePug (And follow us @OfficialCraigAndCompany

What do you expect, I’m only 4 months old #pugs #pug #puglife #puglife--

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A woman in Colorado hid her life savings of $35,000 in her freezer (in a fake Hungry Man box) because she figured it was safer in case the house burned down. But she forgot it was in there and returned the freezer to Costo. She's now opened a claim and so far no one has found the cash. (Apparently she has health issues making it difficult for her to get to the bank. And she thought the daughter had removed the money before returning the freezer, but the daughter thought she did.)

A guy in Mexico City hired a mariachi band to serenade his girlfriend. The only problem? The lead mariachi guy was the girlfriend's HUSBAND! Fight ensues... what a mess! 

Four out of five people gain "love weight" in a relationship. When you're first in love, you're going off adrenaline which makes you stay slimmer. But when things settle down, you are less active, and have less motivation to keep up your physique... etc. 

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