The Lighter Side: 30% Won't Date You If You Have This!

August 10, 2018

Photo via Dreamstime

30% of people won't date you if you have this! Plus, everyone is having way less sex than you think! And life goes downhill after age 30, according to a survey. More in today's Lighter Side! 

You know all that extra change that you have in the car or purse or whatever? Anywhere you find it, most people just leave it where it is or discard it. Welllll, TSA makes almost a million a year just from the loose change people leave behind at security. So you might wanna save it - it adds up! 

Taking out a phone at dinner can be an instant death to a date or conversation but not for the reason you think! 30% of people will NOT date you if you have a flip phone! Things are changing... and now maybe it's sort of okay to take out your phone at dinner, but if you pull out anything other than a smart phone, you're undatable! 

It's pretty much all downhill after age 30... this comes after a survey asking, "What was the most enjoyable decade of your life?" Most common answer was 21-30, then 31-40. But no one is saying that anything beyond that were the best years of their lives. 

Everyone is having way less sex than you think. A new survey asks how much sex you think the average person has in a month? People think it's 14-17 times a month, but that's not even close to reality - it's actually only 4-6 times a month. 

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