Hollywood Stories: 'Idol' Is Back, Y'all!

March 12, 2018

(Photo by imageSPACE/Sipa USA)


American Idol makes its triumphant return to television, while judge Katy Perry is embroiled in a legal battle... with nuns? And Black Panther continues to crush the box office! More in today's Hollywood Stories with Christine Lee! 

American Idol returned last night on ABC. Here are some highlights... 

Kelly Ripa did a stunt where she pretended to audtion... she was given an expired golden ticket! 

They said they wouldn't focus on bad auditions, but they did feature a couple including this one...

And 19-year-old Benjamin revealed he'd never kissed a girl, so Katy planted one on him and he fell on the floor! 

In other Katy Perry news, she has been involved with a legal dispute with nuns! She wants to buy a former convent and the nuns do not want to sell it to her. Another buyer got involved to prevent her from buying it. One of the nuns who opposed Katy buying the property had a heart attacked and died in court on Friday! 

Lisa Bonet has finally commented on Bill Cosby's allegations. She claims she wasn't surprised... there was just "energy" in that type of sinister, shadowy energy that could not be concealed. 

Kathy Griffin has booked her first U.S. show since last May when she posed with Trump's decapitated head... she revealed the info to Bill Maher. 

Tim McGraw collapsed on stage in Dublin. He was singing, dropped to his knees... wife and co-headliner Faith Hill came out and said he was dehydated and finished singing the song.

John Krasinski who played Jim on The Office would like to follow the template of the British version and do a one-off special episode to find out what the characters are up to. 

Black Panther wins the box office with $1 billion worldwide! 

And Sterling K. Brown (of This Is Us) played Ben Carson in an SNL skit called This Is U.S.