Hollywood Stories: Inside ‘The Bachelor’ Tell-All Book!

So much tea spilled!

March 8, 2018

Christine Lee


New tell-all book called Bachelor Nation says producers would track the women’s menstrual cycles “in order to create maximum drama.” The author, Amy Kaufman, is a reporter for the Los Angeles Times. She used to cover The Bachelor and she had access, until she got kicked out because she was snarky and didn’t say all the nice-nice things that they wanted to hear. But she already had the goods! Christine says the book is awesome! Subscribe to our Bachelor PADcast for our review of the book! (And all things Bachelor!)

Meanwhile, Arie tried to explain why he put everything on camera, including the horrific breakup…

Annd he’s going after Bekah M. for posting private messages he sent to her after the show was over. He called her “immature.”

Mariah Carey doesn’t care about winning GRAMMYs anymore. She says, “I don’t give a damn. I mean, I have five GRAMMYs. That’s cute. There’s people that have been doing this half the time but have twice as many.”

Parks and Rec costars Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman have a new competitive crafting show coming to NBC this summer called Making It.

And Tommy Lee’s son Brandon says their fight was touched off by stuff Tommy posted about Brandon’s mom, Pam Anderson. Tommy’s current wife called paramedics, but Tommy told her to cancel it.

The O.J. Simpson special is airing on Sunday. It’s the whole “hypothetical if I did it thing.” O.J. begins by saying how difficult it is to say it in the hypothetical because it would be easier for him to just say it for real, right? And it’s also incriminating. But he talks about the murderer’s friend “Charlie” and suddenly he goes from talking in the hypothetical to first person. In other words, it sounds like he’s talking about what HE did…  and the bombshell? He says “Charlie” told him he wouldn’t believe what was going on at Nicole’s house…


NYPD is ready to slap the cuffs on Harvey Weinstein, but the Manhattan D.A.’s office has yet to sign off on it – an official said we’re ready to go with an arrest! He could be charged with sexual assault.

The lawyer for the man who stole Frances McDormand’s Oscar said he’s gonna fight it. He says the whole thing was bogus. He said the guy was just walking around the party holding the Oscar, but never left with it, so that’s not stealing it…

Reese Witherspoon told Stephen Colbert she violated two of Oprah’s big rules while filming A Wrinkle In Time.