Hollywood Stories: Stormy Daniels Wants To Refund Trump's Hush Money

March 13, 2018



Stormy Daniels really wants to share her story! Plus, is there American Idol drama? And Charlie Puth is performing at an event for a cause! More in today's Hollywood Stories with Christine Lee! 

Stormy Daniels wants to return Donald Trump's hush money to tell her story. She's reportedly offering to repay the money she says he paid her to buy her silence in exchange for being allowed to blab. Her attorney says she'll return the money in exchange for the non-disclosure agreement becoming null and void. She also says all of this attention is overshadowing the other projects she has going on.

Arnold Schwarzenegger recorded a podcast for Politico and he accused the oil companies of first degree murder. Warning that a team of lawyers plan to take some of the biggest oil companies to court. He compared big oil to big tobacco saying they've known for years that their product is dangerous, but tried to hide it. 

Jack Nicholson is just like us... he has to show his ticket at a Lakers game! LOL! 

Liam Payne performed a John Mayer song for Commonwealth Day at Westminster Abbey. 

Amy Schumer isn't taking the last name of her husband Chris Fischer... she doesn't want to share a name with Amy Fisher, the Long Island Lolita who shot her lover's wife in the face and later became a porn star. 

The Walk Out is taking place on Wednesday March 14th at 10:00 am for seventeen minutes to honor the lives of those killed at Stoneman Douglas High School. And on March 24th, kids and families of March For Our Lives will take the streets of Washington D.C. to demand that their lives and safety become a priority. And Charlie Puth was personally asked to perform.

In other Charlie Puth news, he says he's ready to get married! He doesn't have a girlfriend right now, but he wants a wife! 

ABC's American Idol revival did okay on Sunday with 10.3 million viewers... it's on par with where it left off on Fox two years ago and close to The Voice. And it beat the O.J. Simpon special that was on Fox. However, RadarOnline is saying it's a total mess and Katy Perry is tanking, she's always late, contrary to what people believe the lines are not scripted. And what about Seacrest backlash?

And yes, here's another bad audition they said they weren't gonna air...