Hollywood Stories: Woman Sells $2 Handshakes after touching Justin Timberlake

January 18, 2019

A woman is offering $2 handshakes to people because her hand touched Justin Timberlake multiple times. The woman went to Justin’s “Man of the Woods: show at Smoothie King Center in New Orleans then she later posted a picture of her hand offering: “For sale, $2.00. Last night I attended the Justin Timberlake concert. He touched this hand FIVE times. If you would like to have a feel it’s $2 a touch. Cash only. Will accept change”


Kevin Hart will star in the movie “Monopoly” based on the Hasbro game. Sources say that the latest storyline is about a woman and her son who use a time traveling house to rewrite their own history and stop a corrupt businessman in the process. This all just a rumor so it is still not clear if this is what’s going down.