Jokes Back Asswards - 3/15/18

Punchline first, then the question!

March 15, 2018

Dreamstime/96.5 TIC

Craig and Company give you the punchline first, then the question. It’s Jokes Back Asswards! 

Basketball, golf, and Donald Trump
Name three things Kim Jung Un likes to play

In a cloudy sky and at Trump's Hollywood fundraiser
Name two places you won't see any stars

Henna tattoos and a job in the Trump administration 
Name two things that are temporary 

Tyranosaurus and Tillerson 
Name two Rexes that are no longer around 

Taxis, Uber, and Lyft
Name two ride shares and what Kenny Rogers keeps giving his face 

Exterminators and Snoop Dogg 
Name people skilled in dealing with roaches 

By drinking Jameson until their blood alcohol level is 3.14 
How did many people celebrate Pi day yesterday