The Lighter Side: A Bridezilla Did WHAT!?!

June 25, 2019

Photo: iStock/Getty Images Plus

This bridezilla did what!??! Plus, 7-Eleven will deliver to you at a park or beach! More in today's Lighter Side with Craig and Company! 

A bridezilla was busted for telling her bridesmaids that their dresses cost $400 each, collected the money, but the dresses were only $200!

7-Eleven has been doing home delivery for about a year now. And now they've launched a new service where they'll deliver to you out in public... like at the beach or a park, etc.

IKEA is testing a food delivery service! Bring on those meatballs!

A study has found that men will not be needed to colonize Mars. 

And there's a new study out that coffee can help you burn fat.