The Lighter Side: Florida Man Brings Daughter To 'Work'

June 20, 2019

Photo: iStock/Getty Images Plus


"Florida Man" is at it again with another ridiculous headline. Plus, a drunk idiot grounded a plane. And most Americans HATE mornings! More in today's Lighter Side with Craig and Company!

A 35-year-old Florida Man got arrested after he broke into someone's place... and he brought his 4-year-old daughter with him.

Some guys fishing off the coast of New Jersey were surprised by a great white shark that stole chum right off the boat!

A flight from Pittsburgh to Dallas had to land in Oklahoma City yesterday after some drunk idiot started brawling with passengers and punched a female flight attendant. All because he was trying to open the door mid-flight. 

95% of Americans say they hate mornings and dispise the sound of our alarm clock. Even the gentle ones in our phones don't work.