The Lighter Side: Florida Man Fights Roommate After Refusing To Flush Toilet

May 30, 2019

Photo: iStock/Getty Images Plus

Florida Man fights with roommate after refusing to flush the toilet! And a Florida woman tries to rob fast food joint after demanding free fries! More in The Lighter Side with Craig and Company! 

A guy in Maine is going viral after his wife tweeted his full back tattoo... of Jar Jar Binks! 

Speaking of Star Wars, there was a contestant on America's Got Talent, an impressionist who creates the entire Star Wars story with all the characters! It's incredible.

A new survey found 57% of people couldn't handle living within walking distance of their parents and 37% wouldn't want their family members living close enough to just "pop in". 

A Florida woman was arrested after she demanded free French fries at a fast food restaurant. Staff wouldn't give her any, so she decided to rob the joint and brawled with an employee.

And a guy in Florida got in fight with his roommate... over flushing a toilet!