The Lighter Side: Happiest Women In The World Are Unmarried And Child-Free!

May 29, 2019

Photo: iStock/Getty Images Plus

If you're an unmarried, child-free woman, you're the happiest in the world! Plus, what fragrance woke a kid from a coma? More in today's Lighter Side!

A study says... the happiest people in the world are women who aren't married and don't have kids. (Soooo ignore all those judgy folks who like to ask about your own business!)

A kid woke up from a coma after taking a big whiff of Axe Body Spray! 

Have you heard of "Chads"? They are guys that every angry, celibate man online wants to look like. Think strong, square jaw, great hair, high cheekbones. These angry men call themselves "incels" or "involuntarily celibate". They blame women for their looks and issues. A lot of them get plastic surgery.