The Lighter Side: New York Bans Cat Declawing

June 5, 2019

Lisa Gold

New York bans cat declawing! Plus, Xbox wants to solve gamers' body odor! More in today's Lighter Side with Craig and Company!

New York becomes the first state to ban declawing cats! 

What's a weird thing to put ice in? (Christine's uncle used to put it in milk!) 86% say lemonade is better with ice. Soda, water, whiskey... all better with ice. A little more odd? Orange juice, red wine, white wine, and beer. 

Best way to eat a chicken pot pie? Dump it on the plate and eat it upside down

Ten most common rules of the house parents have for their kids? Clean your room, always say please/thank you, finish homework before playing, be kind, no phones at the table, etc.

Xbox is taking on the stereotype of gamers' body odor. They wanna help gamers who smell. They're teaming up with Axe body spray!