Lighter Side of the News 5/14: Most Popular Baby Names

May 14, 2018
Lighter Side of the News


Every morning, Craig & Company bring you the Lighter Side of the News! Here are some of today’s highlights! 

Emma was the most popular girls' baby name for the fourth year in a row. For the boys, Liam took the top spot. See the complete list here:

Actress/Producer Salma Hayek announced that men will be taking pay cuts in her movies to make an adjustment for women. 

The memorial for Stephen Hawking next month is by invitation. RSVP are allowed from those responding up to the year 2038 to allow for time travelers to participate...

Brain twister: The number 40 (forty, spelled out) is the only number where the letters are in alphabetical order. One is the only number where the letters spelling it out are in reverse alphabetical order. 

High school sweethearts Shelly and Phil in Kansas City reconnected at age 47 via Facebook and now they're getting married at the high school where it all began. 

Women are up to 600% more likely to achieve the Big O if she blows her nose before getting it on...

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