Lighter Side of the News 5/31: Steak Scented Candles

May 31, 2018
Lighter Side of the News


Every morning, Craig & Company bring you the Lighter Side of the News! Here are some of today’s highlights! 

In 2015, a Louisana woman copied another woman's resume off LinkedIn and ended up landing a $100,000/yr job as a Human Resources Director for a food company! She also stole the woman's social security number. Well, karma finally caught up to her and yesterday a judge gave her ten years in prison for fraud charges. Good! 

Tomorrow is National Donut Day! And in honor of it, Burger King is announcing a Whopper Donut. It's basically a Whopper with a hole cut in the center, LOL. And they'll give you the cut-out as a slider. 

The A1 Steak Sauce company has invented a new line of candles that smell like meat. There's original scent is steak, there's also Backyard BBQ and burger-scented. 

Parents spend an average $170 per week to entertain their kids during the summer, but once school is back in, it drops to $60 a week. 

There's a video making the rounds showing a woman in Florida sitting by a pool, she puts her legs in, there's little kids swimming around... and she pulls out a razor and starts SHAVING HER LEGS! Ewww! 

Venice Beach off the coast of Florida is a famous surfing area. And one of the surfers came to the rescue of a drowning... pigeon! 

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