Lighter Side: The Reason You Don't Need to Set Your Christmas Day Alarm

December 20, 2018



Here are the best and worst cities for keeping your New Year’s resolutions according to a new survey base on rankings like gyms per capita, average credit card debt, job opportunities, binge drinking rates and percentage of smokers according to


The 10 Best Cities include: San Francisco, Scottsdale, AZ, San Diego, Seattle, Irvine, CA, San Jose, Ca, Salt Lake City, Austin, Texas, Portland Oregon, and Orlando. 

The 10 Worst Cities are: Gulfport, Mississippi . . . Shreveport, Louisiana . . . Newark, New Jersey . . . Fort Smith, Arkansas . . . Detroit . . . Jackson, Mississippi . . Huntington, West Virginia . . . Augusta, Georgia . . . Charleston, West Virginia . . . and Laredo, Texas. 


If you have kids, we highly doubt you’ll have to set an alarm on Christmas morning. A new survey found that the average kid will wake up at 6:44AM on Christmas. Young kids usually wake up earlier than older kids. If you have teenagers than you might make it past 7:00AM!