The Lighter Side: Study Says 25 Cups of Coffee a Day is Fine!

June 4, 2019

Photo: iStock/Getty Images Plus

Good news for coffee drinkers! Plus, there's a cat who attacks her owner whenever she sings, LOL! More in today's Lighter Side with Craig and Company!

If you want to drink 25 cups of coffee a day, well go on ahead without worrying about how it could affect your heart! A new study says it's fine! 

What are the 50 most amazing moments of the past 100 years? Some which made the top 10 include the moon landing, the end of WWII, the first organ transplant in 1954, the use of penicillin, the fall of the Berlin Wall, tuberculosis vaccine... you can read the entire list here!

There is a cat who attacks her owner every time she sings! LOLOL! 

A woman in FL was busted for drugs and a couple things fell from her crotch... we'll let you read the rest of that story here, LOL!