The Lighter Side: Annoying Things Your Neighbors Do

October 1, 2018

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These are the most annoying things your neighbors do! Plus, how much does America's heaviest pumpkin weigh? And if you haven't planned your Halloween costume yet, you're not alone! More in today's Lighter Side! 

Sadly, most people have not yet figured out their Halloween costume. It's October, pumpkins are out... 70% of people between the ages of 18-34 who plan on dressing up still haven't out their costume. 

Someone just grew the heaviest pumpkin in American history! It's 2,528 lbs! But it's not the biggest in the world, just America... someone in Belgium beat that. 

Most annoying things are neighbors do? Loud music, loud parties, parking issues, loud kids/pets, not cleaning up after pets, being grumpy to the security person, and blasting the TV.  

We've heard of helicopter parenting... and the new trend is lawnmower parenting, where you run over everyone who stands in the way of your kid getting what you believe they should have. Well, a woman in St. Louis is suing her son's high school after he didn't make the varsity team. And since he's a junior, he's not allowed to be on the JV team. She sued for age discrimination. 

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