The Lighter Side: Savage Pet Hamster Wreaks Havoc In Car

August 21, 2018

Photo via Dreamstime

Are you a discerning foodie? Here's how to tell! Plus, a savage hamster wreaks havoc! And you're a better lover if you're a fan of this fantasy series! More in today's Lighter Side! 

The USA is a great country... we've invented things like spray cheese, the Manwich, deep fried Kool-Aid! So you would think we wouldn't be such discerning foodies. But 74% of Americans think they have a sophisticated palate. One of the ways you can tell you have a sophisticated palate is that you're interested in where the food came from and you can do things like pair wine with it. 

When your kid asks for their first pet, they usually ask for a cat or a dog... what ends up happening is the parent will cave and agree to a lesser, smaller non-intrusive animal like a hamster. This is what happened to a family in the U.K., but it's the hamster from hell! It got loose on the way home in the car and she couldn't find it. It has since chewed its way through one of the seats, eaten through wires, and caused thousands of dollars of damage. The kids don't want to set a trap because it would kill it.

And according to a study, Harry Potter fans make better lovers than any other sci-fi fans.  

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