The Lighter Side: What Is Overpriced, But On What Will You Splurge?

September 27, 2018

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What's overpriced, but what warrants a splurge? Plus, Americans aren't eating three meals a day anymore. And a stupid new invention... LOL! More in today's Lighter Side! 

Things that are overpriced vs. thing we are willing to splurge on, according to a survey: 69% of people said concert tickets are overpriced it irritates them.  After that, it was college tuition and health insurance. But we're willing to splurge on things like toilet paper, good toothpaste, expensive skincare products, nice shoes, and good coffee. 

Most Americans do not eat the traditional three meals a day anymore. It's meals in the car, meals on-the-go, grab-n-go... etc. Some just eat when they're hungry.

According to a study, drinking one beer a week can increase your risk of prostate cancer by 40%. 

Here's a new stupid invention... a Dutch engineering company created a car that you move with your feet like the Flintstones. So instead of a gas pedal, it's got bicycle pedals. LOL! 

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