The Lighter Side: Halloween Ice Cream Made Of WHAT?

October 3, 2018

© Busko Halina |

Eww, would you eat this ice cream?! And Happy National Boyfriend Day! Plus, Michael Jackson wanted to be 007! More in today's Lighter Side! 

Today is National Boyfriend Day! How are you celebrating? Steph and her boyfriend are spending today moving, so... pizza and beer?

We have a lot of words we use to describe things we like. Gary chooses 'fantastic'. Christine likes 'awesome' or 'incredible' and Steph says 'amazing.' 

More Halloween stuff! A west coast ice cream shop called Salt & Straw has created Halloween ice cream made out of blood and insects. The blood flavor is actually pig's blood and the insect flavor is chocolate covered crickets and mealworms mixed into green tea ice cream.

Kanye West has apparently turned his rants into a marketing thing. And Coachella wants to end the show next year with one of his whacky rants... 

BTW, Taylor Swift is opening the AMAs next week!

And finally, Michael Jackson really wanted to play James Bond. 

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