The Lighter Side: Is Your Music Taste Is Commensurate To Income?

August 20, 2018
Art music studio background with dj headphones

Konstanttin |

A couple's fight on a boat escalated quickly! Plus, does your music preference determine your income? And today is National Radio Day! More in today's Lighter Side! 

A couple were sailing from Newport, RI to East Greenwich, RI on their sailboat. And at some point, the woman fell overboard and she managed to swim to an island and the Coast Guard rescued her 12 hours later she had hypothermia. The husband didn't realize until hours later. He thought she'd just been below deck the whole time. Hmm, how do we know he didn't push her off? 

You can tell how much money someone makes by what type of music they like. Classical fans make the most while people who listen to country make the least. 

Today is National Radio Day and 71% of people who listen to the radio listen in their cars! 2 out of 3 listen every day and it's mostly women. Also, 9% say radio stations don't play enough commercials and should play more! 

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