Jokes Back Asswards 8/2: Trump's Walk of Fame Star and Les Moonves

Punchline first, then the question!

August 2, 2018

Gary Craig gives you the punchline first, then the question! 

Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star and Les Moonves
Name something that got axed and someone that's about to be!

His big bald spot and Rudy Giuliani
Name things that cause Trump great embarrassment.

Coke and Stormy Daniels
Name two things with costly cans.

When he realized the movie was set in a hotel, he wore an open robe.
What did Harvey Weinstein do when he saw Hotel Transylvania 3?

Group sex and aging naturally.
Name things Pam Anderson doesn't enjoy.

The role of a woman who reminds Will why he gay.
What will Chelsea Handler play when she joins cast of Will & Grace?

Don't you know who I was?
What did john elliott say when he couldn't get a reservation at a restaurant?