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Jokes Back Asswards - 6/7/18

Punchline first, then the question!

June 7, 2018

Gary Craig gives you the punchline first, then the question! 

Using his special set of skills, knowing which pills to take at what time.
How will Liam Neeson spend his birthday today?

The words to God Bless America and wedding vows
Name things Donald Trump doesn't remember

Give Monica Lewinsky an apology and Hillary
Name two things Bill Clinton doesn't want to do

Rudy Guiliani and surfers
Who spends a lot of time using flip flops

In Oprah's shadow
Where can you find the new Gayle King exhibit?

Only if his wife is in the room
What's the only way Mike Pence will blow his candles out. (He's 59 today) 

Based on the average IHOP customer, what does the 'b' stand for in IHOb?

Guy Fieri, Ryan Gosling, and Kim Kardashian?
Name a cooker, a looker, and a hooker