The Lighter Side: Starbucks Holidays Cups Are Here

November 2, 2018

Christmas comes early at Starbucks, and over half the people under 35 will be enjoying multiple Thanksgivings this year... how about you?

Starbucks holiday cups are here! Here are the four designs that have come out for the holiday season:

  • A cup with bright red, dark red, white, and gold vertical stripes.
  • A cup with red and white flame patterns.
  • A white cup with light green holly and red berries.
  • A green cup with an argyle-style pattern, featuring big white stars

A Thanksgiving survey says 62% of people under 35 plan to go more than one Thanksgiving this year! For those over the age of 35, it is 38%. The top food for Thanksgiving are mashed potatoes, pie, bread rolls gravy and green bean casserole. 52% of people prefer light meat, 25% of people prefer dark meat.