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We Want To Read YOUR Emails From Work!

May 10, 2018

In case you missed it, Craig and Company launched a brand new feature running every Tuesday-- Emails From Work! 

It happens in every office... those corporate emails dealing with the minutiae of office life, absurdly elaborate company policies explained in painful detail, and of course lots and lots of buzz words that nobody really knows the meaning of. We're breaking down a NEW email every Tuesday morning on the air... and we want YOUR most ridiculous company emails!

Send your company email to we won't read your name or any details about your company, but we'll roast the rest of the message on the air!

Here's our first installments of Emails From Work, to catch you up:

A Presentable Office

What Are Blue Bins?

Your email could be next! EMAIL US NOW then tune in Tuesday mornings to hear the next email!