ALR Talks The One Lucky Break That Helped Launch Their Band

December 18, 2018

Image courtesy Brian Ambrose Photography

Before AJR opened up All-Star Christmas, they paid a visit to Gina J backstage to talk about the stroke of luck that helped them break out and more.

It started simply enough for AJR. The brothers started 13 years ago as street performers in New York City. That earned them enough money to buy all the equipment they needed to record, which they did while they were in school. At the time, that was alright, because they always loved music... but it was a lucky break at a time when the band wasn't really going moving forward that took AJR to the next level.

Ryan had the idea to tweet songs at celebrities, which came mostly out of boredom when the band wasn't very active. But Sia took notice and retweeted one of their songs, and then took the brothers out to brunch and introduced them to people in the industry, which is what got their big break started.

The brothers say this lucky break from Sia was the one bit of good luck they had amidst 13 years of hard work... but they're very grateful for it. Sia was the only artist who retweeted them... though they did get blocked by a bunch of other celebrities.

Check out the full interview with AJR, including whether they fit the traditional roles of older, middle, and younger siblings and more.