Backstreet Boys Are All About The Next Generation

December 18, 2018

Image courtesy Brian Ambrose Photography

It's been 25 years for the Backstreet Boys, and not only have they grown up, their fans and families have, too.

Former die-hard fans now work in the industry, from record labels, to radio stations, to magazines, and AJ thinks hardcore fans make the perfect employees for the music business. They have the knowledge, the experience, and-- above all-- the passion. 

It's not just fans that are growing up and venturing into the music world. Brian's son just released his first country song, a milestone Brian was very proud of. Will more of the Backstreet Boys' children join the industry? Who knows... but they're all ready to support their kids' dreams, regardless what they are.

Of course, there's more to life than work, and after performing at All-Star Christmas and a few more Christmas concerts, they're ready to celebrate the holidays. Hot cocoa (spiked), a roaring fireplace, egg nog, and-- of course-- family time. That's what's on the agenda for Backstreet Boys this Christmas, now that they've wrapped up their 25th anniversary tour... for now. That tour is continuing in 2019, with stops in Portugal before returning to North America next summer.

Listen to the full interview now, and find out how the Boys heard the news about their GRAMMY nominations and more.