Did Charlie Puth Record 'Voicenotes' In His Bedroom? He Tells Gina J All About It!

And Is He Doing A Country Album?

July 19, 2018
6/9/2018 - Charlie Puth on stage during Capital's Summertime Ball with Vodafone at Wembley Stadium, London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. This summer's hottest artists performed live for 80,000 Capital listeners at Wembley Stadium at the UK's biggest summer pa

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It was a beautiful summer day on the Cape; sunny and warm with a touch of an ocean breeze to give us #BeachHairDontCare. The small crowd of winners at this private show drew a bit of 'Attention' as boats pulled up to catch a glimpse of... Charlie Puth! 

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And the 26-year-old Voicenotes pop star sat down in the posh TIC Beach House to talk to Gina J about the making of his album, relatable lyrics, and... making a country album?

GJ: I saw your '90s bit on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon! 
CP: The bit was funny! It's always fun playing with The Roots musically because I can just play one chord and they follow - they're incredible! They're [also> incredible to let me play with them; I don't think a lot of people play with them! 

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GJ: When you made Voicenotes, did you just invite your friends over and say, "Hey let's make a record?" 
CP: Well, I guess in that way I don't have many friends because I made the record with J Cash and a couple other people. I like it that way; it feels more like an album I made. 

GJ: But you made it in a bedroom studio? I saw that video where you were showing keyboards and stuff! 
CP: Yeah, it's like a makeshift bedroom studio. 

GJ: In 2002, you said you bought one of your oldest pieces of equipment -- a CD burner. Weren't you only 10?
CP: Yup, I was 10. I helped saved up for it. My dad bought it for me. It's still there! I used it on every song except one! 

GJ: I love the new single 'The Way I Am!' 
CP: It sounds like a rock song and then it turns itself into a pop song to an R&B mesh of a pop song.  

GJ: You hear a little bit of Michael Jackson in it!
CP: I guess you do. You hear a lot of Ambrosia, Steely Dan, maybe a bit of Michael. I'm just trying to take all the people who did a good job a couple years ago and give a heavenly nod to them.

GJ: It's so relatable, those two lines, "All I wanna do is just hold somebody / But no one ever wants to get to know somebody." It sums up my dating life!
CP: Glad you like those lines! The song means a lot to me and I'm happy that's it out. I'm always nervous when I have a new song coming out. I try my best and put personal experiences into these records so fans like you can relate to them. I'm glad I can upset you! 

GJ: You worked with some big names on this album like Boyz II Men. I grew up listening to them. 
CP: [Sings a few notes of 'End of the Road' by Boyz II Men> 

GJ: And you've been doing this since you were young!
CP: Well I started singing when I was 18, so I haven't really been doing it that long. But I've played piano for a long time. 

GJ: You were selling homemade Christmas albums when you were a kid? 
CP: I was in 6th grade. I was very entrepreneur-like. I made $600!  

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GJ: And you did a song with James Taylor on Voicenotes
CP: He was an absolute joy to work with! I can't believe he was in the studio with me! I can check that off the bucket list.  

GJ: And I saw something else on your bucket list... a country song? 
CP: Oh, I would love to do a country album! Maybe not me as the artist, but I'd love to produce a country record. In Nashville they go by a system of numbers when jotting down songs, they don't go off treble clefs. It's a different way of writing, but I like it. 

GJ: I saw something about your teacher at Berklee College of Music, Kara DioGuardi (a prolific songwriter who many remember as a judge on American Idol).
CP: Yes! Kara! She's a really, really important lady to me because she's the one who told me I had to start collaborating with people. Obviously that led to a lot of success. I don't think I'd have been able to do 'See You Again' [ with Wiz Khalifa> alone. At the time, harsh piece of advice but very valuable piece of advice. I wouldn't be sitting here at his beach house on this sand-colored couch with you.  

(Written by Lisa Gold)

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