Dan + Shay Talk Tequila, Wedding Songs, and T-Pain

March 11, 2019

Before their Acoustic Cafe performance, Dan + Shay caught up with ina J to talk about their GRAMMY wins, why they appreciate so many of their songs making wedding playlists, and more.

GRAMMY winners Dan + Shay had to admit something-- they haven't received their actual GRAMMY awards yet.

When they do get them in hand, they plan to use them to drink their beverages of choice... including tequila shots. And there's no short supply for Dan + Shay... since their song "Tequila" hit big, they've had a lot of tequila mailed to them. Maybe one day, they'll even have their own brand.

As a ballad, "Tequila" was a risky single, but it connected in a huge way. Dan + Shay were comfortable releasing it as a single either way, because they're not afraid of going against the norm. But they're not outsiders, and they're looking forward to meeting up with their friends in the Country Music world at the ACMs, which they say is a "rowdy time."

Spring is almost here, and that's actually a big time for Dan + Shay's music. "Speechless" has become a perennial favorite as a wedding song, as is "From the Ground Up." Both songs are so popular for weddings, they've seen a spike in the download and streaming numbers this time of year, every year, as wedding season approaches.

It's an honor for them to be part of such a monumental day for so many fans. They used actual footage from their own weddings for the music video, and they're happy to be able to be a part of that big moment for other people.

Dan + Shay also told the story of how they met, and how T-Pain was instrumental in Shay making his way to Nashville. Check out the full interview below: