Dirty Laundry: Alec Baldwin Goes To Court

November 26, 2018

Credit: Marc Royce-USA TODAY

Alec Baldwin has his day in court, Rita Ora gets put on blast after the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and more Dirty Laundry from the holiday weekend...

Alec Baldwin showed up for his arraignment today in New York City. He was arrested on November 2nd. His relative was holding a parking spot in Manhattan, when some guy slipped in and stole it from him. Apparently Baldwin punched the 49-year-old, who had to go to the hospital. Nothing was settled today, the next court date is January 23rd. Baldwin looked calm in court... he apparently didn't enter a plea, but his lawyers say they can prove that he did not punch the guy. 

Diddy's ex Kim Porter was laid to rest on Saturday. The 47-year-old died last week, and was buried next to her mother. Her son Quincy spoke, as well as Mary J Blige, and of course Diddy, who gave a 15-minute eulogy and said he was suffering from depression at the beginning of the year, and she helped him get through that whole time. Yolanda Adams and Faith Evans paid musical tribute to Kim, as well. 

At the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Rita Ora was caught lip-synching. It wasn't a good look... people are trying to pin it on Rita, but Macy's is taking the blame, saying there were tech issues. It's so cold at the parade, it would be very hard to sing, most performers just don't have the capability to pull off a live performance in those conditions. John Legend defended Rita, as well.  

Over the weekend, a rumor came out that Roseanne Barr had a heart attack, but she did not. Roseanne took to Twitter and she said she is fine. She said she was the victim of a prank. 

Heather Locklear is still in the psych hospital, where she will receive more treatment beyond the mandatory initial time. Apparently they thought she'd be in there for like three or four days, but it looks like it's going to be a two week stay for her, which is probably good. 

Weekend Box Office:

3. Dr. Seuss' The Grinch ($30.2 million)

2. Creed 2 ($35.3 million)

1. Ralph Breaks The Internet ($55.7 million)

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