Dirty Laundry: Bachelor Nation Newlyweds Renew Vows

September 10, 2019

Credit: Birdie Thompson/AdMedia

They haven't even been married for a whole year, but Arie and Lauren renewed their vows. Plus, Kylie and Kim had an intruder on their property! More in Gina J's Dirty Laundry!

Looks like Kevin Hart could go home from the hospital as early as today, but he's still gonna need a lot of time to recover. They're saying they might take the car apart, the one involved in the crash, which could result in new laws... 

Bachelor stars Arie and Lauren just renewed their vows this past weekend in Vegas... even though they were just married in January. Seems like a lot of celebrities do this.

Kylie Jenner had an intruder lurking around on her property at 5 AM... and he then went to her sister, Kim Kardashian's house! BTW, Kylie's gonna be on the cover of Playboy's fall 2019 issue. 

And speaking of Kim, she was on the Today show this morning promoting her SKIMS shapewear line.

Michael Jordan is pledging $1M to hurricane relief efforts in the Bahamas. 

And Britney Spears has a new conservator for now... her dad asked a judge for Jodi Montgomery, Britney's care manager, to be her temporary conservator.