Dirty Laundry: Black Panther Returns To Movie Theaters

January 28, 2019

(Photo by Sthanlee Mirador/Sipa USA)

After winning at the SAG Awards, Marvel's Black Panther is making a big screen comeback! Plus, trouble at Jimmy Kimmel's beach house, Cardi B makes Adult Video Awards history, and more Dirty Laundry!

The SAG Awards happened last night, and Black Panther won Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture. 

If you haven't seen Black Panther, or want to see it again for free, 250 select AMC locations are showing the movie starting on February 1st to celebrate Black History Month. The movie will be screening right here in Plainville and Danbury.

Academy Award Best Picture Nominee Marvel Studios' #BlackPanther returns to the big screen beginning February 1st. Fans of all ages can see the movie for free in honor of Black History Month at participating @AMCTheatres. Visit weticketit.com/blackpanther for more info.

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Rami Malek won last night Best Male Actor. Glenn Close won for Best Actress for The Wife.

Right after the SAG Awards, there was a new show called I Am the Night, starring Chris Pine. The story is connected to the Black Dahlia Murder, and it's really good... Highly recommended!

Jimmy Kimmel's buddy Adam Perry Lang was staying at Kimmel's beach house, and there was some sort of Swatting incident there on Saturday night. The male caller that called the cops said he had explosives in the house, and he had assaulted his girlfriend with a gun. The cops showed up and they couldn't get a hold of this guy. He claims he was sleeping, but it seems like a helicopter and a bunch of police cars right outside would be enough to wake you up, right? He was arrested, and Jimmy Kimmel bailed him out, to the tune of $50,000. 

Rob Kardashian is saying that he went to his ex Blac Chyna's house to drop off his daughter Dream. He gets there, she's not there, the nanny isn't there, he can't get a hold of anybody... and then he sees a social media post from Blac Chyna's new boyfriend, and they're in Hawaii.

The first woman to perform at the Adult Video Awards (by performing, we mean singing) is Cardi B. She said she was more excited for this award show than she is for the upcoming GRAMMYs. 

Weekend Box Office:

3. Aquaman - $7.2 million

2. The Upside - $11.9 million

1. Glass - $18.8 million