Dirty Laundry: Cuba Gooding Jr. Goes To Court Over Improper Touching Allegations

June 13, 2019

(Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)

Cuba Gooding Junior turned himself in, but maintains he didn't improperly touch the woman accusing him. Plus, you won't believe Chris Hemsworth's first job! Joe Jonas' bachelor party gets out of hand, and lots more Dirty Laundry.

Cuba Gooding Junior turned himself in, after a woman alleged earlier in the week that he touched her breasts without permission. He showed up in court today with Mark Heller, his attorney, and he says he's innocent. We'll see what happens next.

Chris Hemsworth was on Fallon last night, and he revealed his job when he was 14 years old-- He cleaned out and repaired breast pumps. He said pharmacies would rent out the breast pumps, and he would clean them out when they got returned. 

Joe Jonas' bachelor party in Ibiza got a little bit out of control. The cops were called three times on him and his friends. Joe ripped his shirt off in a nightclub, and he ripped off two of his friends' shirts as well. He and his wife Sophie Turner already got married in Vegas, of course, and Sophie is in Spain having her bachelorette party as well. 

Vinny from Jersey Shore is headed back to Chippendales in Vegas, because ticket sales were through the roof. They invited him to come back July 26th through September 1st.

And Vinny is back with the entire cast of Jersey Shore for Jersey Shore Family Vacation. MTV announced that the show comes back on July 11th.

There was a LOT of drama on the Real Housewives of New York last night... what a mess that was. Some reports are saying Tinsley Mortimer was not coming back to the show for next season, but they're saying she is... and there's rumors that she's dating Billy Bush. 

Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods' ex wife, is pregnant, and apparently the father is a former professional football player named Jordan Cameron.

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