Dirty Laundry: Drake's Good Deed at McDonald's

January 30, 2019

(Photo by Jc Olivera)

Two McDonald's employees got a huge tip courtesy of Drake. Plus, why Maroon 5 and the NFL nixed the Super Bowl press conference and more Dirty Laundry.

Drake was at a McDonald's last night, and he left a HUGE tip-- ten thousand dollars CASH, each, to two female employees. What a nice bonus! 

It looks like Maroon 5 and the NFL have canceled the annual Halftime Show news conference this year. Instead they're featuring behind the scenes footage of all the acts getting ready for the big show on Sunday. The NFL reportedly wanted to avoid the news conference getting too focused on the Colin Kaepernick/ kneeling during the National Anthem controversy, so to take the air out of the situation, they're just showing footage of the artists getting ready for Sunday. 

It looks like Fox offered Empire star Jussie Smollett security after he received that threatening homophobic letter at the studio, but he declined unfortunately. He was attacked the other night by two men, and he now has 24/7 armed security until they apprehend the attackers. Jussie says he'll be back working on the show again shortly.

Ariana Grande got a Japanese tattoo. She wanted it to say "seven rings," but instead the character she got means a Japanese barbecue grill. She claimed it was so painful, she left some of the characters out, explaining why the tattoo's meaning changed.

P!nk's husband Carey Hart stirred up some controversy, posting a video of his 7-year-old daughter shooting a rifle. Carey's defense was he taught her to shoot at the age of 3... but either way, that seems young. 

Haven’t poked the parent police bear in a few days. Willz and I shooting the 22 rifle. She is getting pretty good. Can hit a 12 inch pie plate from 30 yards. Started her shooting at 3yrs old. For the record non of us hunt, just enjoy shooting for sport. I’m raising the kids with knowledge of fire arms, how to handle them, shoot them, store them, and avoid them in uneducated hands. #knowledgeispower

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Ashton Kutcher tweeted out his phone number yesterday, and he wanted people to contact him. He wants to reach his fans in a real deal way. 

Congratulations to Rachel Platten and her husband, who welcomed their first child, Violet Sky Lizanne. 

Introducing Violet Skye Lazan. Born delicious & cuddly on 1.26, early in the am. There is so much about this massive love that i want to share but don’t yet know how to. I am sure the words will come soon. For now we are busy falling deeeeply in love (and keeping our heads above water). Thank YOU all so much for your kindness and support and curiosity and gentleness as i fumbled my way through this crazy brutal amazing journey to get here to motherhood. Wow. I’m a mom. :))) Xoxo, rach

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TV renewals: CBS's God Friended Me, The Neighborhood, and Magnum P.I. are all coming back, and FBI has been picked up for a second season. The Masked Singer has also been renewed for Season Two.

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