Dirty Laundry: Emergency Surgery For Dog The Bounty Hunter's Wife

November 27, 2018

Credit: Russ Elliot/AdMedia/Sipa USA

Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife undergoes emergency surgery, people are MAD ONLINE over david Beckham kissing his daughter, and more Dirty Laundry...

Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife Beth Chapman was rushed to emergency surgery this morning, to remove a life threatening blockage in her throat. She had a cancerous tumor removed from her neck last year, and she was cancer free after that... but now this showed up. Hopefully she is going to be okay.

David Beckham has started a debate on social media, regarding a photo of him kissing his 7-year-old daughter on the lips, which some people seem to think isn't appropriate.

Christmas is coming ---- Let’s go skate ♥️

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Stan Lee's cause of death has been released. The 95-year-old died of heart failure and respiratory failure. 

Kim Kardashian says she did ecstasy twice, once when she did the sex tape with Ray J, and again the first time she got married. But now, Ray J's sources are saying that's false, and Kim's lying. 

CBS has confirmed that Julie Chen Moonves is coming back to Big Brother Celebrity Edition, starting on January 21st at 8pm. This is Julie's return from her hiatus. Her husband Les Moonves used to run CBS, but left in disgrace earlier this year. 

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are getting married this weekend. They're going to have a Hindu and a Christian ceremony in India, including a lot of Hindu pre-wedding rituals that will be taking place over the next few days. We wish them the best!

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