Dirty Laundry: Joe Giudice Regrets Doing RHONJ

October 28, 2019

Joe and Teresa sat down with Andy Cohen last night... plus, Ben Affleck falls off the wagon. And Jen Harley is getting butt injections. More in Gina J's Dirty Laundry!

Ben Affleck was wasted over the weekend... he's off the wagon. He could barely walk on the way out. He says he slipped but he's not gonna get derailed by it. 

Joe and Teresa Giudice sat down for a special with Andy Cohen last night... writing's on the wall, it's basically done between them. He says she always wanted to be on TV, but he regrets doing the show.

Kanye West's new album Jesus Is King came out last week. It's 11 songs and 27 minutes long. It was delayed a bunch before it was finally released. People aren't really digging it. He says he's going on tour immediately and he'll never perform his old songs the same way, they'll be revised. Oh and he shades DWTS in one song and one of the dancers clapped back and said, "Uhhh, your wife was on the show." 

Ronnie's ex-girlfiend is getting butt injections from a strangers' fat. And she's spending $25k on this.... there's like wayyyy better things you could do with that money. So dumb.

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