Dirty Laundry: The Khloe/ Tristan Scandal Keeps Heating Up

April 12, 2018

Photo: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Khloe Kardashian had early contractions, while Tristan Thompson had even more explaining to do! Plus, Mariah Carey's big mental health reveal and more in today's Dirty Laundry...

Khloe Kardashian was having early contractions, and her family flew to Cleveland after the whole Tristan Thompson cheating scandal broke yesterday. That scandal keeps getting crazier... now there's a hoax, as some girl named Stephanie posted a sex tape last night, claiming she was pregnant by Tristan, but then it disappeared. Do we believe her? 

The girl that Tristan was seen making out with on Saturday is named Loni Blair. She's an Instagram model and a strip club bartender. Loni's tryst with Tristan is very much NOT a hoax... if you go on to her Instagram, she has now set it to private. Tristan has a game tonight, but we're sure Khloe will not be there. 

Mariah Carey was on the cover of People magazine, and in an interview she opened up for the first time about her struggles with bipolar disorder. In 2001, she was hospitalized for a physical and mental breakdown. That's when she said she found out that she is bipolar... she didn't want to believe it at first, but then she did end up getting treatment. She's committed to therapy and is taking medication for Bipolar 2. 

Is there trouble for The Bachelor's Arie and Lauren? Maybe not, though they might be joining another reality show, WeTV's Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars. It looks like they met with some of the counselors yesterday, so we'll see if they're the latest couple to join. 

Last week, rumors came out that Brad Pitt was seeing MIT professor and architect designer Neri Oxman, but they've really downplayed this rumor. Well, he's been seen hanging out at her apartment and leaving in the wee hours of the morning. We still say an MIT professor is quite a catch... go Brad! 

This one's NOT a catch-- Blac Chyna's 18-year-old boyfriend posted a photo of her on social media, and captioned it "Will you marry me?" Apparently Chyna also wants to build a massive house with a smoosh room in it. 

Jersey Shore is back tomorrow night! Snooki did an interview, where she talked about how cheap MTV was back in 2009. They paid the cast in $200 gift cards to the Shore Store. Thankfully, they're doing much better nowadays.