Dirty Laundry: Madonna's New Video Sparks Controversy

June 27, 2019

(Photo by Michael Campanella/Getty Images)

Madonna's new video is causing controversy over a scene chillingly similar to a recent tragedy. Plus, Dog the Bounty Hunter warns of scammers trying to profit off his wife's death, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner arrive at their wedding destination, and more Dirty Laundry.


No surprise... Madonna's causing some controversy. The video for her song "God Control" has some people upset, because it's about gun violence and it depicts a mass shooting scene that is very reminiscent of the Pulse nightclub shooting. The people that survived that tragedy are not happy, having to relive that again, and they want an apology... although it's unlikely they're going to get one. 

Dog the Bounty Hunter wants to warn everybody that there are fake scams involving the death of his wife in an attempt to collect money. His wife Beth passed away yesterday, and there's already scam artists online, trying to set up a donation page in her memory. Dog is warning everyone not to fall for it. Dog and Beth had just signed on to do a new show, they were in mid-production... so far, they haven't said yet whether they're going to finish it, or if it's not going to air at all. 

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have arrived at the destination where their wedding will happen. They're in Paris, having a great time, and staying in a castle. The castle, where they're gonna get married, has nine rooms, a pool, a winery, and a tennis court. Word has it a lot of celebrities will be there, including Taylor Swift and Dr. Phil (who's the one that let it slip that the wedding was this weekend). 

Jed Wyatt, the Bachelorette contestant who had a girlfriend before he came on the show, was apparently also cheating on her with another woman. He hooked up with this other woman ten days before he left for The Bachelorette. Ladies, stay away from guys like Jed Wyatt... RUN!!!

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