Dirty Laundry: Model Went Into Labor at Rihanna's NY Fashion Week Show

September 14, 2018

Photo by Stephen Smith/SIPA USA

Rihanna NYFW show featured an unexpected surprise, Henry Cavill might be Superman after all, Gretch Wilson has her day in CT court, and more stories!

Last night Rihanna had her fashion show for her Savage X Fenti line, and one of the models went into labor! Slick Woods was wearing black pasties, lingerie, and cut-outs (so basically nothing) and she was very, very pregnant... right after she stepped off the runway, she went into labor and apparently delivered a baby boy. Can you imagine if that happened right on the runway???

It looks like the rumor about Henry Cavill being out as Superman isn't true. There is another Superman movie on the way, and he's definitely in the running to play the super hero again. 

Today was exciting #Superman

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Country star Gretchen Wilson was in court today in Enfield, Connecticut after creating chaos on a flight to Bradley last month. Her criminal charges were dropped. 

Wrestling legend Ric Flair got married yesterday to fiance Wendy Barlow. This is his fifth marriage, on the guest list were The Undertaker, Dennis Rodman, and more.

John Legend will join The Voice for Season 16. That's not the upcoming season, but the following one, in which he's going to be replacing Jennifer Hudson. He's going to be a great coach! 

Denise Richards just got married in a quickie wedding, and the reason came out... her fiance wanted to marry on September 8th, because 8 means infinity. In less than 24 hours, they planned the wedding, which probably explains the romper she was wearing at the ceremony.

Mark Wahlberg released his daily schedule online, and it's crazy. He gets up at 2:30 in the morning, prays at 2:45, has breakfast at 3:15, his first workout is at 3:40. At 9:30 is the cryo chamber recovery. From 7:30am to 8am is golf... how many holes can he possibly get through in half an hour?

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