Dirty Laundry: Vince Vaughn Gets Busted

June 12, 2018

(Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA)

Vince Vaughn gets arrested, Kanye celebrates his birthday, Robert DeNiro drops an f-bomb, and more in today's Dirty Laundry...


Vince Vaughn was arrested for DUI . He and his passenger both got arrested in Manhattan Beach in Southern California, after being difficult at a DUI checkpoint and refusing to get out of the car. They were arrested where he lives in Manhattan Beach in Southern California. 

Insult comic Lisa Lampanelli went off on a fan who was heckling her. She personally offered a dude a refund. He said I'll give you a hundred bucks to shut the f--- up, and things went down hill from there. She got up in they guy's face, and was dropping f-bombs left and right.

Speaking of dropping f-bombs, Robert De Niro was real classy last night. He said f--- Donald Trump in front of an audience at the Tony Awards... c'mon Robert, if you're gonna insult Trump at least be a little more creative than that.

Kanye West's birthday was Friday, but the big party was on Saturday night. 2 Chainz, Kid Cudi, and Pusha T were all there, along with Kanye's father. They had a mentalist, and there were even cookies featuring the many faces of Kanye!

Kanye was very happy on Celebrity Family Feud last night, even though they lost against the Kardashians. But the family let Kanye and Kim play for fast money, because it was Kanye's dream to play fast money. They won $25,000 for a great charity, the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. 

It's getting real serious between Nick Jonas and Quantico's Priyanka Chopra. She's 35, he's 25, and he brought her to his cousin's wedding in New Jersey... so she's meeting the family. 

Nick's ex-girlfriend Olivia Culpo is back with Danny Amendola, the former New England Patriot who's playing for the Miami Dolphins now. Culpo is a former Miss Universe originally from Rhode Island. They went to a wedding over the weekend in Houston, and it looks like they're cuddling back up again. 

Weekend Box Office:

3.) Deadpool 2 ($14.1 million)

2.) Solo: A Star Wars Story ($15.7 million)

1.) Ocean's 8 ($41.6 million)