Dirty Laundry: Wendy Williams Has a New Man

June 12, 2019

(Photo by Sarah Morris/Getty Images)

Who is Wendy Williams's new mystery man? Plus, Ariana Grande makes a big donation to Planned Parenthood, Cuba Gooding Jr. says he's innocent, and more Dirty Laundry.


Wendy Williams does a segment called "Hot Topics" on her show, but she's become the hot topic now, with a boyfriend who's half her age, who also spent some time in prison for armed robbery. She met the 27-year-old over the weekend in L.A. when she was hanging out with Blac Chyna, and now she's brought him to New York to take him out to expensive restaurants and to go shopping.

Ariana Grande has donated proceeds of her sold out June 8th concert in Atlanta. She's giving $300,000 of her proceeds to Planned Parenthood in the same state that recently passed some very restrictive anti-abortion laws.

Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran's brother died in the Dominican Republic in April, and she claims it was a mysterious death. It was the same kind of story as several other recent tourist deaths-- Barbara's brother was around 60, and in good shape, and they're claiming he died of a heart attack. His friend who was with him found him in his bed in a resort hotel room. He is the sixth tourist found dead since June of 2018 in the Dominican Republic. 

Cuba Gooding Jr. is saying that he is innocent, and that he did not grope a woman's breasts at a club this weekend, but he will turn himself in to police tomorrow. He said there is video proving he didn't do anything so. 

The Spice Girls are coming out with an animated movie, and all five ladies will take part in this. 

Tiger Woods's ex-wife Elin Nordegren is pregnant, expecting her third child. 

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