Dirty Laundry: Gigi Hadid Brings Tyler Cameron To Grandmother's Funeral

September 5, 2019

By Theo Wargo/GETTY

Things are heating up for Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron! Plus, Nicki Minaj is retiring at the ripe old age of... 36? More in today's Dirty Laundry with Gina J! 

Nicki Minaj announced today that she is retiring from music to start a family with her boyfriend (or husband -- we're not sure if they're already married)! 

There was speculation as to whether Kevin Hart was the driver in the accident. There was a witness who claimed to see the bodyguard pull him from the driver's seat, but it was confirmed the other guy was driving -- Jared Black's injuries prove he was the driver. Kevin had three spinal fractures that required major surgeries and will reportedly be in therapy for awhile. 

How do you know when a relationship is serious? You take that person to a funeral! Things are heating up with Gigi and Tyler... BTW, Gigi has a brother Anwar who is dating singer, Dua Lipa!