Gina J's Dirty Laundry: 2020 Oscars Were Lowest Rated

February 10, 2020

The Oscars last night were the lowest rated... we talk about Eminem's surprise performance and the crowd's reactions. We break down all the winners. Bong Joon-Ho and 'Parasite' were the big winners! Also, what was Blac Chyna doing there? We've got the scoop! Plus, Billie Eilish performed the In Memoriam and people are upset that Luke Perry and a few others were left out. 

Martha Stewart wore an above the knee dress at the Vanity Fair party. 

Cindy Crawford's son got a tattoo under his eye that says "Misunderstood" and everyone's tearing him apart on social media. 

Justin Bieber and Quavo donated $200k to a homeless shelter! 

And some big concerts are coming thru the area this year - Justin Bieber, Backstreet Boys, and Janet Jackson!