Gina J's Dirty Laundry: Tom Brady Is Leaving The Patriots

March 17, 2020
Tom Brady

Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty

Today's big (non-coronavirus news) is that Tom Brady is leaving the New England Patriots! 

Presly Gerber got another face tattoo... and the first one didn't go well, LOL. Gina explains...

Imagine going on a two-week retreat being completely unplugged from everything (no phone, etc.) and coming back to coronavirus craziness?! That happened to Jared Leto!

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are donating $1M to the USA and Canada to help with the coronavirus pandemic.

And stars like P!nk, John Legend, and more are doing concerts from their homes and streaming them online! That's so cool!

Both Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lawrence had issues with crazy fans coming to their doors... Gina's got the scoop!

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