How Gavin DeGraw Met His 'McDonald's Dog'

December 18, 2018

Image courtesy Brian Ambrose Photography

Gavin DeGraw stopped by backstage at Mohegan Sun before All-Star Christmas, and regaled us with the story of how he met his new dog.

Not too long ago, Gavin posted a pic of his new four-legged friend, who is absolutely adorable:

My new buddy and I wish you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

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But the story behind how Gavin first encountered his new buddy is enough of a story it could fill Gavin's next album (or at least a song on it).

Gavin was on a road trip driving out to Los Angeles, and got sidetracked on a trek through the desert to camp with a friend of his. They hit some of the sites out West like the Grand Canyon, before Gavin moved on to Tombstone, Arizona (the namesake of his favorite movie ever), then headed to Nashville to visit his dad. 

Along the way, he found a dog at a gas station that almost got hit by a truck. He hung out with the pup for a few hours and asked around, but couldn't find out who owned the dog. He tossed some food in his truck to lure the dog in... and then realized after the fact he just locked himself in a truck with a dog he didn't know! Thankfully they hit it off, and now Gavin has a new four-legged friend.

One issue though... the gas station where Gavin found him was next to a McDonald's, so the dog still prefers Chicken McNuggets to dog food!

Check out the full interview with Gavin DeGraw below!