Mortgage Talk: The First Step Toward Buying a New Home

August 7, 2019

Buying a home is a very daunting task, especially for first time home buyers. But Gina J and Patty from American Eagle Financial Credit Union are helping you figure out what to do, to get on the right track.

One of the most important first steps is reviewing your credit. You can sit down with a mortgage professional, who will review your credit report to understand your debt, figure out you credit score, and then get you prequalified.

This process can be an important reality check. We'd all love to live in a mansion like Taylor Swift, but can you really afford it? 

You'll also get a better understanding of the costs you may not even consider at first, like inspection fees and appraisals. These fees do add up, even before you sign in a closing. So it's important to include them in your home buying budget.

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